42nd Anniversary Celebration

Unveiling the Mystery of the Prophetic Mantle

Meekness is required to keep accessing divine guidance.
The anointing of the anointed is ordained to flow through any material that touches him.
Outside of faith, there is no access because everything that works in the kingdom works by faith.
You cannot draw virtue from the Mantle without your faith.
Follow instructions to enjoy a flight.
Those who hate instructions are not candidates for a flight.
It takes instructions to experience a distinction.
When you hate instructions, you suffer frustrations.
A mantle is any clothing material taken from the hand of God’s apostles and prophets for the transmission of spiritual virtues.
You must believe both in God, the source of that grace and His prophet (the carrier of that grace) to access them.
You get great rewards by heeding the instructions of the scriptures. – Ps. 19:11
To access the grace upon the prophetic Mantle, you must understand that

  • You can never access the grace you despise.
  • You cannot partake of the grace you don’t celebrate.
  • The source of grace you don’t value cannot release any virtue into your life.
  • The grace you don’t crave, you cannot be imparted with.

Nothing good can flow into your life in a church you don’t believe in.
We are all part of the body of Christ; no believer qualifies to be called a pillar in the church. – 1 Pet. 2:5, 2 Tim. 3:15
You have to maintain a strong spiritual stand for any spiritual instrument to deliver in your hand.
To see the Prophetic Mantle deliver in Your Life:

  1. Maintain the right spirit. – Ps. 51:10
  2. Be disciplined. – Eccl. 5:6, 1 Pet. 4:15, Isa. 51:2
  3. Beware of scattering the flock of Christ in any way. – Matt. 12:30, Acts 20:28-31
  4. Beware of false teachings that proclaim liberty in captivity. – 1 Pet. 2:5, 2 Tim. 3:15
  5. Beware of hypocrisy. – Matt. 5:37, Job 34:29

Every apostolic grace flows naturally; get genuinely engaged, and don’t fake it.
When you connect genuinely to a grace, it flows naturally but when you fake it, you get nothing.

- Prophetic Declaration

“In the name of Jesus, by the anointing of this Mantle:
Everyone called barren is declared fruitful!
Every torment of evil spirit on anyone’s life, family, or health, as the mantle gets to you, they shall depart from you!
This prophetic mantle will mark you out as a winner indeed!
No evil report shall be heard from your habitation!
Everyone carrying a career spell or business spell is liberated!
The battle over your life is now over!
Every word proclaimed on you today, I decree wholesale delivery!
I declare you a partaker of the grace upon this Commission!
The siege of misfortune over your life is lifted!
Fearful favour becomes your new identity!
Your miracles are getting to you today!
As you lay your hand on the mantle, everything will start working in your favour!
From today onward, no setback for you!
From today, no enemy shall have any negative impact on your life anymore!
Every grace that is traceable to this Commission becomes your portion today!
The greatest event of your life shall be without tension!
From now till the next Liberation Service, there shall not be evil news from your household!” IJN ~ Bishop David Oyedepo