About Us

Winners Chapel International The Gambia is a living proof of the faithfulness of God, the validity of the liberation mandate and the Spirit of God at work in this commission.

Humbling testimonies, healing, deliverance, changed lives, restorations and supernatural intervention in the lives of our members has validated Winners Chapel International Gambia as a mountain where the glory of God is released with undeniable proofs, a factory of good reports, a school of Exploits and the church where the undiluted word of faith is divinely backed up with signs and wonders. In the past couple of years, the Lord has launched us into new chapters. With diverse testimonies of changed lives and the undeniable presence of God in our midst, the membership strength has multiplied and so on. This is a branch of Living Faith Church Worldwide where Dr. David Oyedepo is the presiding Bishop. We are not just Winners by name, we are also Winners’ by encounters’, and we are not a religious formation. We are a divine commission with a liberation mandate. Precisely between May 1st and 2nd, 1981, God told His servant, Dr. David Oyedepo in an 18 hours visionary encounter I saw a roll of afflicted, battered, beaten, tattered, deformed and all that one could ever imagine, groaning and agonizing, as a result of pains and pangs, crying as it were for rescue. I was so moved with compassion that I began sobbing profusely asking, “Why Lord?” I heard the Lord say to me, “But from the beginning it was not so.” I questioned further, “But why Lord?” and then came the mandate, “Now the hour has come to liberate the world from all operations of the devil through the preaching of the word of faith and I am sending you to undertake this task.” Over four decades now. God has fulfilled this mandate all over the whole world with unimaginable testimonies. For instance, here in Winners’ Chapel Int’l Manjaikunda, the dead are brought back to life, the barren are blessed with miracle babies, marital delays are converted to miracle marriages, the oppressed go fee, the poor are made rich, the beaten, broken and battered are restored back to colour and diginity. Diverse accounts of God’s goodness are our day to day experiences. It will interest you to know that Manna is still falling from heaven but only in the CAMP. Only those that are in the camp can partake of this Manna. It will be our joy to have you worship with us as often as you find yourself in Gambia and you will be a beneficiary of this heavenly Manna. You are hereby welcome to partake of the goodness of the Lord, with us. God bless you richly.